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"The critical key to the successful resolution of any type of Federal bank regulatory action is early involvement of an experienced specialist in that field of law."


The Banking Law Firm concentrates all of its resources and professional efforts in the specialized field of Federal bank regulatory law. The firm places particular emphasis upon and specializes in the defense of Federally insured financial institution and their officers and directors in all matters pertaining to supervisory bank examinations conducted by all of the Federal bank regulatory agencies to assess compliance with all applicable Federal banking laws, rules and regulations governing the operations of such institutions.

Stephens B. Woodrough is the principal attorney in the firm and has a highly experienced professional background as a Federal bank regulatory attorney that spans more than 35 years, including over15 years of service as Regional Counsel for the FDIC Atlanta Region. Mr. Woodrough is a defense litigation specialist and focuses all of his professional expertise and regulatory experience on the defense of Federally insured financial institutions and their officers and directors in all types of regulatory enforcement proceedings that may be instituted by such agencies, including memorandums of understanding, supervisory agreements, cease and desist orders, civil money penalties, orders of suspension, prohibition and removal orders, restitution orders, and orders terminating FDIC deposit insurance coverage.

The firm has a nationwide practice base and has successfully represented numerous insured financial institutions and/or their officers and directors in more than a dozen states before all of the Federal banking agencies, including the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency), FRS or "Fed" (Federal Reserve System), OTS (Office of Thrift Supervision), and NCUA (National Credit Union Administration).

The caliber of the firm’s defensive assistance services has been highly regarded by banking institutions across the United States, including in-house counsel and regularly retained attorneys for such institutions. The firm also provides assistance in all types of regulatory applications to the Federal banking agencies, as well as defensive assistance in personal civil liability actions instituted against officers and directors of financial institutions for alleged breaches of their legal duties and responsibilities as officers or directors of such institutions.

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